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We offer a variety of solar panel maintenance services in the Coachella Valley and surrounding cities.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Are your solar panels losing efficiency? Has your electric bill gone up?

Our skilled technicians specialize in revitalizing panels, eliminating accumulated debris that can impede performance. Through our thorough cleaning process, you can potentially achieve an efficiency increase of up to 30%, enabling your solar panels to function at their best.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you have a business that relies on solar power to reduce the electric bill?

Even if you have hundreds or even thousands of panels, we are here to help. Large solar installations require even more maintenance and cleaning for several reasons.

Solar Panel Protection

Let us help you protect your investment. Our golf ball protection and pigeon-proofing services are tailored specifically with longevity in mind.

Do you live next to a golf course? We have seen countless customers lose solar panels to golf balls. 

Pigeons and other birds like to nest under the panels, making your panels dirtier and potentially causing other damage..


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